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Who can use it?

EasyAppointment is an ideal solution for service providers like medical institutions, advisors, consultants, beauty saloons, tattoo studios that would like to effectively manage any task of appointment scheduling.


EasyAppointment is simple to use for users

Convenient reservation system

With EasyAppointment, your customers can browse and reserve your activities simply and with a minimum number of steps.

Calendar is available for one or more weeks.

The reservation form is generated separated for each staff member, so he can display or hide reservation fields (email ON/OFF, phone ON/OFF, address ON/OFF, comments ON/OFF). The whole flow is made easy for your customers to book.


1 Browse services & users

The visitor must choose the user (staff member) to make an appointment.

Browse for service

2 Staff member calendar

A calendar containing all available hours is displayed.

Calendar availability

3 Complete reservation form

Form customizable by the staff member. Easy for customers to make an appointment.

Complete the form

Front-end management area

Front-end management

Each staff member can manage his activity using your website front-end leaving your Joomla! administration area (back-end) safe. In the management area, he can view his appointments, add/edit new appointment, set his schedule and his preferences, etc.

Flexibile schedule

Flexible schedule

Each staff member can customize his schedule.

This means that a staff member can set holidays, which hours are available for booking and for how many weeks a client can see staff's calendar. He can even split a day in different intervals.

Send and receive email notifications

Automatic notifications

Want to receive an email when a new appointment is made? Or to send an email with the reservation details to the customer? No problem. You have these option. Just few clicks and each time a reservation occurs you will be notified. Special tags like customer name, email, phone, appointment date, etc are available to format your notifications.

complete solution

Versatile functionality

With EasyAppointment you can have additional features that will complete your website needs. You can create a dedicated page for each staff member. You can also create a dedicated page for a specific service.

multiple options

Custom settings

EasyAppointment provides the tools necessary for your staff members, to easily customize virtually all aspects of their interaction with the client. Each staff member can decide which fields are available or required during the reservation process. He can also decide if to enable certain features such as confirmation or notification.


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