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Who can use it?

EasyAppointment is an ideal solution for service providers like medical institutions, advisors, consultants, beauty saloons, tattoo studios that would like to effectively manage any task of appointment scheduling.


EasyAppointment is simple to use for users

Easy to use

EasyAppointment is developed to offer a intuitive, easy to use solution for any user who would like to schedule an appointment. The user must pick the date and the desired staff member and he will receive a list with all available hours. This also ensures no overbooking.


1 Simple search form

The user must choose only date and staff member/service.

simple search form

2 Search results

The user can view the search results as a list or as a calendar.

two display options

3 Fast reservation

No unnecessary fields. Reservation completed within seconds.

fast to complete

restricted reservation period timeframe

Restricted reservation period

You can restrict the search period for reservation to a specified number of weeks so that your customers won't search for any possible unavailable dates.

option to send notifications

Automatic notifications

Want to receive an email when a new appointment is made? Or to send an email with the reservation details to the customer? No problem. You have these option. Just few clicks and each time a reservation occurs you will be notified. Special tags like customer name, email, phone, appointment date, etc are available to format your notifications.

set staff member schedule

Flexible staff schedules

You need to set a different schedule for each person from your staff? No problem, you can do this. You can either set non working days for a person. You need to create a special schedule override? This is also possible. You have total flexibility in setting your staff schedule.

complete solution

Scheduling across time zones

If you're working across time zones, with EasyAppointment your users can display an additional time zone to view the corresponding date and time right under the appointment time.

complete solution

Versatile functionality

With EasyAppointment you can have additional features that will complete your website needs. You can create a presentation page for your staff members. You can create a page dedicated to the services you provide. You can also set a front-end area where each of your staff member can login and see his appointments.

multiple options

Look and feel customization

EasyAppointment Options section has a variety of advanced features to perfect the component to suit all your needs. You have lots of choices for customizing it: change time and date format, add or remove reservation fields, enable PayPal or 2checkout payment system, customize notifications and much more.


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