404log is a plugin for Joomla 2.5.x / Joomla 3.x which will log all the 404 events and send proper notifications. The notification contains the url where the 404 produced, the ip of the visitor, the date and time for this event.

404log is installing like any other Joomla plugin. After installation, please enable him and configure your options.

  • Send Email Notification: If you choose "Yes" this will try to send an email to the address specified in the following field.
  • Email address: specify the email address where to be notified when a 404 page is displayed to user.
  • Email subject: notification subject.
  • Log file: you must specify the full path to the file where you would like to log all entries. This is optional, if you will leave this field emtpy, no log entry will be added for the 404 event.

Version Changes

In version 1.1 a new field "Redirect to" was added. The user will get redirect in case of a 404 event to the url specified into this field.