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J!Extranet helps you organize and manage the delivery of protected files to your users.

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Compatible with Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.x

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Who can use it?

Any Joomla! website owner who wants to provide a secure way for delivering files to users. Due to differentiated and individual access rights to files, J!Extranet main idea is: the right files to the right users.


J!Extranet Easy to use

Content delivery

J!Extranet offers a simple solution that provides you a flexible and low-cost way to deliver your files. We help share information within your organization and aid collaboration keeping the information available to the right users.

J!Extranet provides you all the tools you need - a comprehensive user management, email notifications, server synchronization, and much more.


Asset management

J!Extranet provides you a complete, Joomla! integrated solution specially tailored to ensure that authorized people can access precisely the files they are allowed to. Based on individual access rights, J!Extranet will provide the right files for the right user.


Enhance your customer service

As your members access your website from multiple locations, J!Extranet helps them access their assets from a secure, centralized location. Your users will get notified when a new file is ready to download.

Enhance customer service


Mobile Version for J!Extranet

Go Mobile!

We have developed a mobile ready solution for our customers who are using Joomla 3.x. Now your users can access your private area by using their mobile devices.


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