Create comparison tables

With PlanComparison you can create nice looking comparison tables and integrate them into your articles.

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Compatible with Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.x

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Who can use it?

Our component is suitable for anyone who wants to create comparison tables for products, or services, without the headaches of table creation inside a Joomla! article.

Plancomparison is simple to use

Comparison tables made easy

Creating comparison tables is easy. Define a table, define number of columns and add values to rows. It's that simple.

With PlanComparison you control your website tables

We let you control your website tables

No more searching inside articles for a specific table. With PlanComparison all created tables will get stored in a single place. Whenever you need to modify something, just access our component and select the table you need to modify.

Insert code into article to generate table

Easily integrate into articles

Our tables are generated on-the-fly, this means that we won't provide you with any messy code to insert into your articles. We provide you with a clean, simple and super easy solution.


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