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Who can use it?

Any Joomla! based website owner and, more important, any restaurant owner who wish for an easy, but feature rich, component that will allow visitors to make a restaurant reservation in just a two simple steps.

very simple process to book a restaurant table

Fast & easy booking process

TableBooking make it very easy for your customers to book a table.

The user must complete a two step process, optionally you can allow him to select desired table.

send booking details to client

Confirmation/cancellation of booking

Your clients can easily confirm or cancel a booking via a link in the booking confirmation email. There is no need for the client to create an account or any other extra steps.

receive instant notification when someone book a table

Get notified

When a new booking occurs you can be notified via email. The email can contain all booking details, such as date, time, customer email, customer comments, etc.

Optionally, at the end of booking process, your client can be notified via email about his booking. This email can contain a confirmation/cancellation link.

intuitive management board

Front-end Restaurant Management

Let your staff take care of the booking activity without messing with your website administration area. They have full access to bookings without having to access Joomla's back-end. They can add new bookings, modify an existing booking, export bookings etc.

flexible hours of operations

Set flexible schedule

You have total control over your restaurant schedule. You can set daily schedule, work intervals, choose holidays or special days. Your customers can only choose a valid working hour.

customize it

Look and feel customization

You have lots of choices for customizing TableBooking: change time and date format, choose a minumum and maximum allowed places to reserve, customize notification emails and much more.


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